Thoughts About Ammo Girls From A Former Booth Babe


So there’s been a lot of talk about Lucky Gunner‘s Ammo Waitresses lately. And I agree with Breda that retailers should give some thought about how that really impacts the growing female market.

I can only speak for myself, but I was not offended in the least by the ammo waitresses.  As you can see, my husband and I even posed for a picture with them.  By the end of the day, I was wishing I had one of those little skirts/shorts as opposed to my sweat soaked jeans that I had to peel myself out of just to use the bathroom.  They were cute, friendly, and helpful. Heck, one of those girls in the picture was the mastermind behind the whole event.

My perspective might be a bit skewed, I’ll admit.  You see, I have been a booth babe.  The girl in the ponytail and short shorts at the comic book convention is not there because she’s followed every nuance of the eleventy billion Spiderman story lines, just saying.  And years ago, I was that girl.

I enjoyed the attention.  Yes, it’s a personality type.  I like being the center of attention.  Except from the smarmy guy with the greasy mustache of over-grown nose hairs that had to be verbally smacked down before he’d take no for an answer. (Which made the girl in the next booth nearly spray Coke out her nose.) Guess when you’re an artist for one of the major titles, you think the booth girls will fawn over you.  Just because you’re the guest of honor signing the autographs does not mean I will ‘slip out for a quick break’ with you.  But it was that guy doing the objectifying, not the event.  And he was just one guy.

Yeah, I practiced that manipulative flirtation, and we made bank.  Which meant my percentage of profits was a nice bonus to my already fun weekend hanging out talking to comic book enthusiasts.  If anything, that is far more insulting to the men that were so easily parted from their cash by the right smile and giggle than it is to women.  And the vast majority of the women there reacted positively to my presence.  They would come by and ask what titles I was interested in and chat about the industry in general.  (Mostly independent stuff.  I liked the Spawn,particularly the Angela mini-series.  I followed Razor and Lady Death and some oddball things. I generally liked female protagonists that could kick a lot of ass.  Go figure.  I no longer keep up.  Other hobbies took the place of comics.)

The ammo girls even got introduced to a fun new sport.  They spent a lot of time talking to the gun bloggers and various enthusiasts there as well as shooting a wide variety of firearms.  One of them approached me to tell me she had never even shot a firearm and asked my advice on where to start.  I gave her some pointers, told her she was welcome to find me. I’d find her something appropriate and give her a basic rundown on how to do it.  By the time she found me again, she’d shot a few and was just giddy about it.  She had that new shooter sparkle in her eyes and was anxious to try something else.  Leave it to a bunch of gun bloggers to turn the ammo girls into new shooters.

They have gotten a good push down the road to being knowledgeable and capable as well as being sexy.  I don’t resent that a bit.  Hell, I want to be that.


21 thoughts on “Thoughts About Ammo Girls From A Former Booth Babe”

  1. insulting to the men that were so easily parted from their cash by the right smile and giggle

    You so pretty. U talk me?
    U take money? Talk me more?!

  2. I quite agree. Tam & Breda — & some of the guys — could stand to dial down the offense-o-meter on this issue. On a hot day, jeans & polos turn into facsimiles of wet towels. And, frankly, a man who says he is offended by attractive women likely has issues beyond the scope of this discussion.

    1. They have every right to be offended. I can see where they are coming from. I just wanted to throw my own perspective out there. Everyone is going to react differently.

  3. Well, if the image above is the standard outfit they were wearing, I don’t see how anyone could really be offended.

    They aren’t squeezed into their clothes, they aren’t showing so much cleavage that you are wondering how it is all being kept in there, and overall, I’ve seen high school cheerleader uniforms that are more revealing than these outfits.

  4. Thanks for the great story and perspective Jennifer. While I can’t speak for anyone else, I didn’t see any issue with this at all and I’m kind of saddened that it seems to be turning into one. A professional crew that bunch and what they wore was exactly equal to what women wear at Wimbledon, The US Open, and any LPGA event – comfortable, sporting clothes friendly to a warm weather and active environment.

    I was a little worried about some of the ammo guys though… Some of their shorts were just a bit too revealing 🙂

    Love the comic book story by the way.

    Oh, and great to meet you guys in person!

  5. I thought they were tastefully dressed. Sure, they’re young and attractive, and I noticed. But hell, I was there to shoot. I was more interested in the menu than the person holding it.

    1. Thanks! Nice to know I can still turn heads so many years after being a booth babe. (Approx 16 years). Did you notice I was still armed in that little black dress?

  6. The Ammo Waitresses are dressed no differently than a large majority of the women I saw on the course when I was still slinging pans at country clubs and as such I don’t see any real issue.

    That being said I agree with the offended on the larger issue of manufacturers, distributors, and retailers alienating a large potential customer base in their attempts to appeal to an established market. The increase in marketing toward women shows that they get the basic idea they’re just not quite up to speed on how to go about it. I would draw the parallel to the U.S. auto industry of the late seventies/early eighties. They knew there was a market for small and efficient vehicles but their attempts showed a lack of deep understanding. I understand what Tam, Breda, and others are saying and agree in principle but in this instance I think they may be dropping their rounds a little short and perhaps making friendlies a little nervous.

    Just my $0.02 tossed in the fountain.


  7. Thanks for putting up that pic so everyone who wasn’t there can see what the offended were so offended about.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the way those college graduates were dressed.

  8. I’ve been a booth-babe too, at several trade shows – booth meat anyhow – in a suit I clean up pretty good and look pretty.
    The ladies look like they’re from Los Gatos, actually – it’s kinda a uniform there…

  9. Frankly, aside from the skirt, which wouldn’t be practical, those ladies aren’t dressed any different from the female staff at Home Despot, which I just came from. ????

    It’s summer, it’s warm, it’s comfy.

    As a matter of fact, while wandering around our annual outdoor sports show this year, I expressed dismay that there were no “camo babes”, such as are prevalent at bike, car and boat shows. 🙁 Now there’s something to get your knickers in a knot, if you’re concerned about scantilly-clad product promoters.

  10. Tam & Breda — & some of the guys — could stand to dial down the offense-o-meter on this issue.

    Tam repeatedly said she wasn’t offended by this, but, you know, whatever…

  11. Wait a damned minute…

    You were armed in that thing?! I honestly wasn’t looking for a gun, but still you’d think I would have noticed. And they say you can’t dress attractively and carry.

  12. Tam & Breda — & some of the guys — could stand to dial down the offense-o-meter on this issue.”

    Tam, your effort to clarify here, and elsewhere, speaks volumes about your integrity.

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