PhlegmPhest 2011!!

Oh yes, I was there. No way we would miss PhlegmPhest.

It was a delightful time, as always.  Complete with gratuitous butt grabbing/slapping.  There was even a short visit to heights even greater than my usual shoes provided by the gentle giant of the gun-blogging community.

As with any gunnie gathering, there was plenty of food.  Yes, it included the obligatory bacon.  EvylRobot and I brought lumpia (yes, I’ll get the recipe up soon).  There was sausage and divine pickles via the FarmFam. And NerdBeer a plenty brought by new friends LabRat and StingRay.

And then the lobsters arrived.

GBC denizen SciFi and his lovely wife braved the trials of the TSA and brought 6 lobsters in their carry on from Massachusetts.  That’s right folks.  They will take away your fingernail clippers, but the lobsters go straight through the x-ray.

It is always a pleasure to be in the presence of this group.  There were those I knew previously; LawDog, OldNFO, Christina, JohnnyG and Holly, Matt G, the FarmFam, Spear, Mulligan and KotHDL, John, Tolewyn, Chris, Ambulance Driver of whom I have a picture of his bikini tan lines (to post or not to post, that truly is the question), and of course, our lovely hostess.  And new friends, the Nerds and SciFi (link?) and his wife. Am I forgetting anyone?

We traded stories and jokes, enjoyed Christina’s magic hands, celebrated the birth of the fantastic Holly, and passed around various firearms for admiration/derision.  You know how when someone tastes something terrible and says ‘here, try this’?  It applies to bad triggers as well.  I mean really, more than 20lbs on a 1911ish???

All-in-all, a wonderful weekend.


9 thoughts on “PhlegmPhest 2011!!”

  1. Dang….lumpia….haven’t had any of that since stationed at Pearl Harbor. First introduced to it as a kid, when Dad was stationed on Guam. The church we went to had a local-language church attached, and they were ALWAYS inviting us to luaus and stuff. Gotta say, we didn’t turn many down…

  2. Sorry, Jen, beyond guest-posts at JayG’s place, I have no blog.

    But you did get “first grab” of my butt among the bloggeratti, so, well, there’s that.

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