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Look, I appreciate links and having my writing here quoted and excerpted with attribution.  I even welcome debate and don’t mind being quoted for the express purpose of disagreement.

But lifting a picture from someone’s blog for cheap hits?  Ignoring repeated requests for removal or even just an edit in order to honor the wishes of the person in the picture?

Not cool.  Read Breda’s story and Weer’d’s post on this issue.

If you want to talk about what might drive women away from the shooting sports and 2nd amendment activism, it’s this.  It’s the risk of being lowered to nothing more than a sexualized object with no other value than gaining attention.  When Breda posts a picture of herself as a confident and empowered woman carrying a gun, it gives some balance against the scores of YouTube videos where some drooling dolt has handed his hot girlfriend a firearm for the express purpose of making her hurt herself or jiggle for the camera.  Reposting said image with a salacious title undoes some of that good. 

Particularly when repeated requests for removal are ignored.

And that’s the most important point on the issue.  When we encourage women to get into shooting and make the decision to take personal responsibility for their own safety, we are saying that we believe these women can have control.  To have one of our own take the control away from a woman is hurtful to our cause. We can’t say on one hand that we want women to be empowered and then on the other use their image in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

I would expect better from the people in the gun blogging community.

I will grant that this was certainly intended to be innocent and playful.  I do not believe this blogger set out to hurt anyone.  Had I been the target, I’d probably have laughed about it.  But the moment she said she was uncomfortable, it should have been pulled with an apology.  We all taste our toes from time to time.  She has a right to be sensitive about how her image is used.  Everyone has different personal boundaries, and we should do our best to respect them.  Mine are different from Breda’s, and that’s fine.  Just because someone’s sensibilities are different from yours does not mean you can trample theirs.

I’m adding the following photo policy to my rules.  Feel free to use it if it applies to you.

The images used here belong to me unless otherwise noted.  If you are the subject of any image posted here and are uncomfortable with its usage, contact me.  Save for certain exceptions, I will take it down.  Exceptions include but are not limited to: ridicule of politicians, actors, or other public figures or occasional praise of same; photographic evidence of any accusations made within the post.  All reasonable requests to have your image removed from this website will be honored.  Also, images from this website may be used on other sites with proper attribution unless I request removal of said image.

We should offer our own the respect they deserve.

8 thoughts on “Not Cool”

  1. “Look, I appreciate links and having my writing here quoted and excerpted with attribution.”

    Well good because I just added a link to my post. Great post and it adds the female perspective that I hadn’t thought of.

  2. Excellent post Jennifer. The whole situation is really screwed up and it could have been easily fixed by the poster just following Breda’s wishes.

  3. Man, what a juvenile and dickhead move! I got about as far down the comments on her page to where he commented back calling her “high-school” and demanding a “polite” request. Hmmm….is “polite” a nice way of saying “something smaller than .40 caliber pointed in the general direction of a very tender and sentimental part of the anatomy”?

  4. Sad thing is, that’s really a great picture. It’s actually qualified to be good art kind of picture. Shame it has to be soiled like this…

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