Awesome! My Doctor is a Shooter!

Played stump the doctor this morning.  Yesterday evening I had sudden shooting pains in my right wrist.  Couldn’t even turn the pages of my music without grimacing in pain.  It was accompanied by an odd rash.  Hurt bad enough that I couldn’t even use my right hand to buckle my seat belt for the ride home from choir rehearsal.  Since it was swollen, I took some ibuprofen for the inflammation.  Assumed due to the rash that it was some kind of allergic reaction so I took some Diphenhydramine (active ingredient in Benadryl).  Which left me with quite the medicine hangover this morning.

Pain meds don’t knock me out, Benadryl does.  Go figure.

So off to the doctor I go.  He looked at my hand and furrowed his brow.

He asked me to describe the pain.  Best description I could come up with was that it feels like I just shot several hundred rounds of .357 Magnum through a light weight snubby.  He prescribed oxycodone…


So we still don’t know what is up with my hand.  Even though the symptoms don’t match up with shingles, we are treating it the same way.  The rash is just bumps, so there’s nothing to really culture.  And the pain is definitely not the characteristic pins and needles.  So I’ve got an anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory, and a serious pain killer for the mystery malady in my hand.

We talked for about 10-15 minutes about my hand.  And then for at least another half hour on guns and politics and how we are both shocked that only Justice Ginsburg voted like we expected in Kentucky v King.

And here I had disarmed before my appointment because I wasn’t in the mood to hear about and kind of health risks associated with guns in the home.  I gave him Michael’s business card.


13 thoughts on “Awesome! My Doctor is a Shooter!”

  1. Nice, my doc is also a conservative shooter.
    Did your doc prescribe gabapentin in case it is shingles? That’s what really really helped when I had it.

  2. You’d be surprised at some of the folks who turn out to be shooters. People are always astonished that I shoot and also work the video at church. Hope your hand gets better!

  3. My doc’s not a shooter yet, but has expressed interest. I’ve handed him one of the VCDL cards I carry, and he seemed quite pleased to know that Virginia is an open carry state. And yes, I’ve open-carried in the office.

  4. Be on the alert for Lyme Disease. The tiny deer ticks, and seed ticks of all species can infect you, drop off, and you never see them. You will have a spot that itches like crazy. You will probably have a rash around the site if it’s Lyme, and in about a month you will have a rash over various parts of your body. If you don’t catch it then, you will be fighting Lyme for a very long time. The wife has had it once this year, and I have had it multiple times over the years. Catch it early and you will be OK.

  5. Didn’t come up during my checkup with a new Doc last night, tho I didn’t disarm, my snubbie was safely in my pants even when I was sitting in the silly-gown.

    Still I was pleased not to get any stupid questions.

    The wife had a checkup a few years and she really had the doc back on her heels pointing out the flaws in the Joyce-funded data.

  6. I had something similar in my elbow a few years ago. I thought it was tendonitis. It was shingles. I had a similar rash with little blisters on my hand.

    Taking the anti-viral so soon after breakout is the key. Also you can use an ointment called Zosterix which is really just hot pepper oil. It does help.

    Hold all goes well with the recovery.

    1. No blisters. Just bumps that are already fading. The doctor didn’t even think it was shingles, just thought it might be similar enough that the same treatment would probably work. And there is definitely inflammation, so the steroid it good too.
      I haven’t taken the pain meds. Just not a big fan of narcotics.
      Extra awesome thing? The anti-viral they use to treat shingles is the same one they use to treat herpes. And why is that extra awesome? My pharmacist is my husband’s uncle. LOL

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