I missed it.  The one year mark for this little blog came and went last month. Or so.  I may have lost some old posts when I moved from blogger to my current home.

Apparently, it started with a post about shoes.  Quite appropriate.  In fact, I’m wearing those fantastic orange boots today.  So I suppose I am celebrating by belated blogiversary in some way.  Apparently I was bitching about Obama and his Robin Hood schemes back then too.  I guess not much has changed.

That’s not so true.  Life really is better now than it was a year ago.  I started the blog for no reason other than to share the randomness that goes on inside my brain.  Due to events beyond my perception, it quickly became a place for me to dump some rather raw emotions.  And you people stayed.  You commented.  You prayed for me and my family.  I have to say that is really amazing.  I had no idea that a virtual support system could mean so much.

On Saturday, October 11th, Granddad will have been gone for a year.  I can’t believe it has been so long.  Thank you friends, in both the real and digital world, for seeing me through it.

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