Poop!! Or Adventures In Puppy Ownership

The princess pup made us miss church this week.

Yes, this one

Don’t be fooled by the cuteness.

I stepped out of the bedroom and the house had a new aroma.

It was earthy.  Not unlike poop.  In fact, just like poop.

I searched and searched.  I have a partially toilet trained cat that will use the toilet with help.  When I’m to lazy to get out of bed and help him in the morning, he will go beside the toilet.  I checked, no poop.

There was no poop anywhere to be found.  The smell was just simply everywhere.

And then I found it.

WARNING!  There is POOP below the fold

Yes dear readers, poop.  A crate full of poop.

And a bunny too.  All went out to the front yard to meet the hose.

The towel is in the trash.  The city hauled it off today.  I would have burned it, but there are rules about that sort of thing in neighborhoods.  The bunny survived the sterilization.

Heidi got her bath that I had been putting off.  The crate is cleaner than it has ever been.  And my house no longer smells of poop.

Hope you weren’t eating when you read this.

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