Obligatory Weiner Post

So I have thus far refrained from comment on the cocky idiot in the news.  But why?  I certainly don’t hold him in any high regard.

No, it’s because I absolutely cannot comment on this story without making jokes like a fourth grade boy.

It really shouldn’t be so hard not to sink to snickering puns while his career peters out.  

I mean, surely I can keep the dialog from going below the belt. 

He’s just the latest dick to pull out of the whore house otherwise known as Congress.

He was just screwing around anyway.

And now we sing!

Oh I’m glad we’re rid US Congressman Weiner!

His pulling out is quite the sight to see!

Say goodbye now to US Congressman Weiner!

Now Boehner can just stick it to Pelosi!

*And I have just induced the need for brain bleach on myself.  The things I do for you people.



11 thoughts on “Obligatory Weiner Post”

    1. Peter Tweeter tweeted a pic of Weiner’s peter;
      A pic of Weiner’s peter Peter Tweeter tweeted;
      If Peter Tweeter tweeted a pic of Weiner’s peter,
      Weiner is the tweeter of the Peter Tweeter’s pic.

  1. He’s looking a bit limp,today, having resigned and all.

    Personally I think this is even more humiliating than being caught in an affair. There, a wife can say, “I have a handsome and powerful and seductive husband; here is evidence that other women want him. But Wiener is a wiener. He’s a pathetic loser, sending pictures to women he hasn’t even met, and hasn’t seduced, and hasn’t persuaded to want him.
    In the words of Gunny Ermey, “what a jackwagon!”

  2. All Weiner jokes aside, this guy is a pathetic loser. Not that I feel the least bit sorry for him. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, he just thought he could get away with it. And get away with lying about when he was caught. Then get away with lying about it when he was caught lying.

    Just think that if the Democrats still controlled Congress and the Main Stream Media still controlled the flow of news, he would have got away with it.

    As Borepatch says, “The dinosaurs smell change in the air and roar their defiance.”

  3. Just got this in an email, thought it would be appropriate for this post:

    There once was a pervert named Weiner
    Who had a perverted demeanor
    Forced from the Hill
    For acting like Bill
    Now Congress is one weiner leaner.

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