Apparently, either my digestive parts are rebelling after 10 days of an anti-viral, or I’ve managed to acquire a bug with the extra special express lane intestine upgrade no additional charge!

I just know that you wanted to know that. I’m a giver.

8 thoughts on “Ugh”

  1. Hmmm…perhaps you shared something via das modem….it would explain why our db2 server just sh*t itself. *sigh* Always at the end of the day….why can it never do this mid-afternoon, when things are slow and boring and post-lunch-siesta is dragging my eyelids down? Why must it wait until I’m collecting my backpack and hunting for keys? Frikkin technology….

  2. anti-viral or antibiotics. Antibiotics, especially the hardcore ones tend to wipe out your natural intestinal flora and generally wreaking havoc on your regularity. Since you’re such a giver, I thought I would give back. You know, it really does feel better to give than to receive. At least, in this particular case.

  3. Or perhaps you had a sample of the “reconstituted meat” you blogged about a few days ago???

    Seriously – being prone to “express lane” antics myself, I sympathize with your discomfort.

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