11 thoughts on “Weird Al Wins the Internet”

  1. Heh. Been a Weird Al fan since I first discovered Dr. Demento on the radio on Saturday nights (and how to make my tape-deck record the entire show!) back in the early 80’s. He’s got soooo much material to choose from these days!

  2. I’m another fan from the Dr. D show in the mid 80’s. Still have a few tapes of the show somewhere.

    If you think Al’s vids are great, you should see his live show. One of the best concerts I’ve seen.


  3. For some reason, whenever I get on a “Weird-Al-Dr-Demento” train of thought (its a weird trip), I always default to either “If you want free speech, go to Russia” or “Pencil-Neck Geek” running through my head. Classics!

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