Jon Stewart on GunRunner

Yes, really.

Ah yes. We truly are in the best of hands. This administration is the absolute bestest with all the hoping and the changing.

And here I was thinking that Operation Fast and Furious was where they were just going to give Vin Diesel a loud car and have him growl at the border.  But sadly, no.

In the stated mission of stemming the tide of American guns flowing into Mexico to fuel the violent drug cartels, this administration in its infinite wisdom, decided to send American guns to violent Mexican drug cartels so they could….




I bet this was thought up by one of those kids whose dad caught him smoking behind the barn and made him smoke the whole carton.  That’ll teach ’em!

Or maybe the mission had nothing to do with preventing violence and everything to do with supporting the narrative.  Nah.  That couldn’t be it.  This administration is waaay to smart for that.  Surely they wouldn’t prop up their own unfounded story by planting evidence.  That only happens in Chicago.  Right?


4 thoughts on “Jon Stewart on GunRunner”

  1. That pretty much sums it up. As much as I think Stewart is wrong headed about, well pretty much everything. He does attack absurdity when he sees it.

  2. That’s what I’ve been saying, Old NFO. I ranted on that, but it seems that A. I’m preaching to the choir and B. the sheeple either don’t know or don’t care. *sigh* is right.

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