Look What Followed Us Home

Even Heidi is excited about it

It’s an evil black rifle!  Also known as an AR-15.

and I love this shot.

I’m so proud of that kid.

He was able to get 28 out of the 30 rounds loaded into the magazine.  Soon, he’ll get to shoot it.

Of course, here I am with it

And this picture is just hot

Yep, that’s my man.  Two revolvers on his back and an AR in his hands.  Those revolvers are residing in leather holsters made by the man wearing them.  This is the man I love.  He gives me shiny things.

Like bullets and diamonds.

4 thoughts on “Look What Followed Us Home”

  1. In 6 years of carrying an M16 for Uncle Sam, I always loaded the mags to full capacity and never had a problem.

    Thinking about a collapsible stock for my AR at present, myself. Maybe I’ll just build another one while I’m at it.

    Thanks for all the help with the holsters, folks!

  2. Maybe one day I’ll see one wandering around lost and scared and it will follow me home too.

    Until then, I’m looking at maybe a Sig Sauer P250 to add to the home defense lineup

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