Monster Hunter Alpha

Larry Correia wants help.  And he says he’ll say nice things about me if I spread the word.

You see this book?


It’s going to be awesome.  Don’t believe me?  Heh.  Well it’s only about the baddest of the bad ass monster hunters, Earl Harbinger.  You’ve read Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta right?  Well you can read the first 9 chapters of Monster Hunter Alpha right here. And then you’re going to be hooked and have to buy it and read the whole thing.

And it will be released very, very soon.  As in, July 26th soon.  And Larry wants to make the NYT bestsellers list.  So, he needs all of you to preorder and/or buy it withing that first week.  Heck!  They will make great gifts for your friends.  Get one just to set out of your coffee table to impress your guests.  You can even get autographed copies here.

What are you waiting for?  Oh, I see.  You need another reason.

Ordering Monster Hunter Alpha makes hippies cry.  And that, my friends, should be reason enough.

4 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Alpha”

  1. Already pre-ordered via Amazon, but I did post on Facebook (yeah….first post there in about…oh, 6 months now?), and have one friend who ordered MHI. Kewl.

  2. I’ve been pushing MHI: Alpha since I pre-ordered my two signed copies. You’re crazy if you don’t try out this series. The MHI series is crack addictive book reading.

  3. I couldn’t wait, bought the e-advance reader copy. I don’t have words to describe how much fun this book is.

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