Dear Cancer

****language warning****

Fuck you!

You know, I’ve seen quite enough of you in my circle of friends, family, and co-workers.  Some nerve you’ve got showing up around here again.


If only I knew the right caliber to use on you, I would hunt you down.  Instead, I’ll trust the doctors to help her out.

But you?  I wish you’d die in a fire already.  Fuck you.


17 thoughts on “Dear Cancer”

  1. I’m sending prayers. No idea where. To you, I guess. I’ll let you direct them to where they need to go. I trust you to do that.

  2. Somehow that’s become the scariest word in the language, with the possible exception of “incumbent.”

    (I’d say the same to a lot of them, too.)

  3. Your two word response was what came immediately to mind when I saw the title of this post, since Mrs P has fought the breast cancer.

    She has designed some inspirational & motivational shirts and offered them on CafePress in case a special someone needs to share in her cancer killing positive attitude. They were apparently a hit with the oncology staff.

    Thanks for helping figure what caliber for cancer, Weer’d.

    My prayers are going out to all those in fight, Jennifer.

  4. I second that message. My best friend was just diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer.

    In the words of my 8 year old neice, a Leukemia survivor, “Cancer sucks.”

  5. Agreed!!

    But I think pasting cancer’s ass at the 100 yard mark and letting loose with the .50 Barrett would be downright enjoyable!!

    insidious evil creeping death it is….needs to die itself…

  6. PS — All versions of cancer (lung, stomach, pancreatic, colon, et al), take note: line up one at a time, or altogether — in the end, we’ll win this, and we’ll kick your collective asses into oblivion.

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