Everyone Should Be Entitled To Their Own Stupidity

Even when stupidity has ironic, fatal consequences.

I don’t ride a motorcycle.  If I did, I would wear a helmet.  Not because of any law saying that I have to, but because I prefer my brains on the inside of my skull.  I wear a seat-belt for pretty much the same reason.  That is my choice.  I also do not believe I have the right to impose my choices on you.  Even if I honestly believe that it would be for your own good.

We have far too many rules, laws, and regulations out there because some busy body decided that there ought to be a law for your own good.  Sure, helmet laws may seem like a good idea.  We all know helmets save lives.  So we start legislating for the public good.  Soon we’re banning trans fats and salt.  Those things are bad for you too.

What’s next?  Will my four inch heels be banned because I could fall and hurt myself?

Life is full of risks.  We can’t avoid all danger and potential injury.  It should be up to us to decide what risks are worth what consequences.  We don’t need laws to protect us from ourselves.  Life is a terminal condition anyway.

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9 thoughts on “Everyone Should Be Entitled To Their Own Stupidity”

  1. Amen! It’s like NYS attempting to tax anything in the state that is a) food and b)not in a “natural” state. It’s call a “fat tax” and while I believe it was laughed off the State Assembly floor, it’s still there…lurking.

    Although, sometimes, I am all for outlawing stupid people from breeding after they have proven themselves a hazard to society.

  2. The most dangerous person on the bikepath is an idiot bicyclist who thinks the path was made just for them.
    It wasn’t. It was made by and for a chinless-pantsless legislator who was pandering for votes from the Me-Bike community.

  3. Actually the results of you (in the general sense) putting on those 4-inch heels has proven too distracting for us to get around to banning them…

  4. While I always wear my helmet while riding my bike, and think that those who don’t are idjits, I hate seat belt, helmet, and other laws that are for our own good. One of the great things about our society used to be the freedom to be stupid. Stupidity has many benefits to the gene pool and is generally self limiting. Stupidity improves the breed.

    As more laws are passed, we are not eliminating stupidity, we are just breeding more hardy stupid people. We’ll come to regret that sooner than we think.

  5. We, as a society, have decided that collective responsibility is preferable to individual freedom. When some uninsured morons uncovered head contacts the pavement we will insist on said moron receiving medical treatment whether he can pay for it or not. Unless we dissabuse ourselves of this illconceived notion, and soon, you should expect things to get much worse.

    It is well established law that the government can regulate that which it subsidizes. Socialized health care will give big brother the authority to regulate all aspects of your behavior that have even just the potential to effect your health or safety.

  6. Agreed…quit legislating every little thing we do. If people want to be stupid and get hurt/killed by not utilizing built-in safety devices, that’s their choice.

  7. I agree with what everyone is saying, but I’m uncomfortable applying Darwinian lessons to children. The mother who does put on her seat belt is also unlikely to strap in her children. I know, I know, “It’s for the children” is no reason to apply those laws to adults, and I don’t want to start saying “Except when…”

    I’m also uncomfortable with the State becoming a surrogate caretaker that can override a parent. Yet I also feel the need to watch over other people’s children when they are around. I’m sure it’s some sort of hardwired, instinctive reaction; I know I’m not the only one to feel this way. So how do we balance this survival imperative to protect the young with the desire to keep the State out of our family affairs (except for those truly appalling cases where we wonder why nothing was done)?

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