Jennifer’s Logic Paradox

Have I mentioned that I love shoes?  I suppose maybe once or twice.  It’s not like I have a category devoted to them.  Oh wait, I do.  I’ve written previously about the hideousness that is Crocs.  I am speaking of the horrendous monstrosities that should be relegated to working in the garden.  Or shot with a shotgun and then burned in the campfire.

And then, Mr. Lady wrote this.

Shit.  Those are cute.  And they are Crocs.  I can’t put it into one sentence.  I’m afraid my head would explode, and I’d never find all the pieces.  Just having that thought is making some screws loosen and smoke come out of my ears.

And yet, I want to link shamelessly link Crocs.  Because of this, and this.  But oh Mr. Giver of Crocs, if you really want to give me something-I want these.  Chili Pantone in a size 7.5.

Your clogs will still be an abomination of the first order, but these offer a chance of salvation.

The world must be coming to an end.  I’ve found Crocs that I could own, and I’m thinking of copying a fashion idea from Madonna. (thx Ginny for the Madonna story)

And Mr. Lady, if my head spins so fast that it comes off due to the paradox overload, I’m coming after you!

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