And So It Has Come To This. Alien Invasion

The aliens are going to destroy us if we don’t give up our SUVs.  It’s true!  NASA scientists said so.

“Green” aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet. “These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets,” the authors write.

So, what caliber for aliens?  Head shots?  Center mass?  Oh dear, how to prepare?  I don’t know if they would even have a central nervous system.  At least with zombies, we know their vulnerabilities.  And it may be too late to find out.

And once the aliens eat the Chinese, we’ve only got an hour before they are are hungry again.


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