21 thoughts on “Would You Hire Me?”

  1. “Would you hire me? I’d hire me. I’d hire me so hard…!” 😀

    Sorry, that just ran through my head at the title, but I’m weird that way. 😉 Keep on trying–persistence and determination outweigh everything else.

  2. Re: Update

    It’s their loss, Jennifer.

    I don’t know about you, but I hate the whole interview process. Doesn’t matter if its someplace I’m currently working or someplace new. I’m just not comfortable tooting my own horn and the soul crunch if you don’t get the position you’re going after just plain sucks.

    Very nice outfit, btw.

  3. Can you transcribe the rantings of a frustrated writer? I prefer to write to tape or a digital recorder, as when I sit at a keyboard my brain and fingers don’t so what I want them too half the time. So I’m writing into my recorder and then transcribing it, but my brain won’t let what sounded good when I said it alone and tries to edit/improve it. not good. I can’t pay much, but any additions would be properly accrdited.

  4. Not to worry Jennifer, there will be other opportunities. I feel confident in predicting that someone with your intelect and attitude will recognize them and put them to good use.

    Thomas Edison was to have said “Most people don’t recognize opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” I dont think he was describing you.

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