For One of Our Own

I had the pleasure of meeting Dave this summer. ¬†He’s a great guy with a determined spirit. And I like him, in spite of him showing me up in class ūüėČ ¬†Helps that he makes me sound like a rock star in describing it.

This summer, the talk was remission. ¬†Now, it’s a return to the hospital.

Please join me in offering positive thoughts and prayers his way.  And yeah, this sentiment still applies.

Get better Scout26.  I want a rematch.

*By the way, it’s September. ¬†Have you signed up for Kilted to Kick Cancer yet? ¬†There are some really great prizes!

3 thoughts on “For One of Our Own”

  1. I don’t know Dave, but I just spoke to someone that does. Dave is a helluva nice guy and deserves better than the cold dish he has been served.

    I’m praying for him.

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