When Did That Happen?

Apparently, I’ve been occupying this little corner of the interwebtron for 4 years now.

That’s 1176 posts and 4443 approved comments (and an unknown number of deleted spam).

A few of you have been hanging around since the very beginning.  You are special enough to have actually read about me firing my first ever firearm (.44 Magnum, actually).  We’ve been through ups and downs, silliness and serious stuff.  I’ve met many on you in real life and can call a great number of you friends.  I never thought when I started this little thing 4 years ago that it would connect me to such a fantastic group of people.  You are the fun in my dysfunctional virtual family 😉

I love you all.  Been a great ride so far, and I have no intention of stopping now.

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