I Didn’t Watch The Debates Last Night

And I haven’t picked a favorite.  No, I’m not holding out for some perfect candidate.  I’m smart enough to know that doesn’t exist.

I like Michelle Bachman.  I like Rick Perry.  Each of them certainly has their warts, but they are my top two right now.  Ron Paul has several great ideas, but he’s a loon.  We all know it.  Herman Cain seems like a great guy, but he’s never going to get elected.  He shot himself in the foot long ago.  Newt?  You mean, he still thinks he’s even in the running?  I always thought he was smarter than that.  Jon Huntsman?  Please.  And of course we have the liberal media’s choice, Mitt Romney.  Word to the wise, don’t nominate the guy your opponent most wants to run against.  It’s a losing strategy. You’d think people would have figured that out last time around.

Some part of me wants to nominate Rick Perry just so that in a debate in the general election he can say something to the effect of, “So we each inherited economies from George W Bush.  Let’s compare how we did with our inheritance.”

That said, the HPV debacle*, the crony capitalism issues, etc.  Those are real issues.  And really, they could all stand to back away from social issues entirely**.  Convince me that you will push for small government (Bye Newt), strong national defense (Bye Ron Paul), and staying the hell out of my business, bedroom, and gun safe (Don’t let the door hit ya, Mitt); and you’ll have my vote.  It’s that easy.

*I’m all for pulling out all the stops in kicking cancer’s ass.  It’s the executive order part of it I have a problem with.  Don’t meddle in private citizen’s business.

**Sanctity of marriage is not derived from government’s recognition, nor can it be dissolved because any other kind of union is recognized.  If it was, we crossed that bridge with no fault divorce a long time ago.

ETA: I just realized I completely forgot to mention Rick Santorum.  Apparently, he was there too.  That’s really the only thing I know about the guy.  Guess he has really made an impression…

8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Watch The Debates Last Night”

  1. Rick perry has a lot more warts than that. There is the wholesale abuse of eminent domain through the Trans-Texas Corridor, thinking it’s the Gov’t position to legislate tanning beds, forcing steroid tests on underaged chess club members, etc…

    He is a nanny-stater that likes guns.

    But he seems the smallest poo sandwich on the buffet. But it still does not make me happy that I’m getting a poo sandwich.

    (Posted from deep inside of Texas)

  2. You’re not worried Bachmann will submissively nuke Canada under her husbands orders or Perry will shoot every man woman and child that disagrees with him?

    You just don’t care.

  3. I hate watching debates and political speeches.
    Paul reminds me of Calypso Louie: he’ll be saying something like “Work, study, take care of yourself” and you’re thinking “Yeah, that’s good!”; and then the “Devil white man/all stolen from Africa/Mothership waiting” crap comes out and you wonder what the hell happened to the guy you were listening to a minute ago?

    Right now Perry’s probably got the best shot at winning, but I’m not real fond of him.

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