My Inner 4 Year Old is Satisfied

I shot a fire hose today.

Must be compensating or something

It was the adult that chose to do it in 4 inch heels.

My son is going to be so jealous.

About the fire hose part, not the shoes.


18 thoughts on “My Inner 4 Year Old is Satisfied”

    1. Hmm. They both produce a satisfying spray. The Ma Deuce is much louder. But the fire hose is attached to a truck that makes a lot of noise. Recoil is remarkably manageable for both. Although that’s mostly due to the mount for the Ma Deuce and the crew for the fire hose.
      But I didn’t get to destroy a minivan with the hose, so it’s Ma Deuce for the win!

  1. Heh. Sprayed one or two of those in my Navy days (there’s no separate “fire department” on subs….you’re deployed, you’re IT.), thankfully never on an actual fire. The few we had were put out by securing power to the equipment in question or (shhh) stomping really hard a couple of times.

  2. When they taught us fire safety back in my Offshore pirate days they let us start the fire too!

    Sadly no high heels or open-toed shoes for safety reasons. 🙂

    It was a hell of a lot of fun!

  3. dammit… didn’t finish comment…

    We used to teach single person control of 2 1/2 inch hoses at 100psi. It is possible, and once you’ve done it, it’s fairly easy.

  4. @ Danny – it’s white SHOES after Labor day. Although I have put my seersucker and white linen suits into storage. The GF tells me that I look too much like Col. Sanders in them. Mmmm. Fried chicken…

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