Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Sometimes anyway.  Og wants to see your stabby little friend.  Here’s mine.

It’s a Kershaw Blackout that Kershaw gave my husband when he had to send his knife back twice for repairs.  This was the “Oops! Our bad” gift.  I also have one of these in my purse.  I’m always amazed at how few people around the office carry a pocket knife.  Geez, don’t you ever have to open a package?  Oh right, you just borrow mine.

I’ve carried a pocket knife since I was in high school.  Heh.  It wasn’t even against the rules back then.  I loaned it to teachers from time to time.

Of course, I also carry my own chopsticks, so there’s that.

So what else do you want to know about?

11 thoughts on “Ask And Ye Shall Receive”

  1. Most of the guys carried penknives or something in grade school. And, about 40% of the girls!
    At my former workplace (where everything is prohibited) we had a potluck, and someone brought a #10 can of nacho cheese, but forgot the opener. Rather than walking to the lunchroom, I offered my oversized P38.
    It worked. It would have worked on someone’s neck, too, but, I didn’t tell them that.

  2. I feel nekkid when I don’t have a pocket knife of some kind. I’ve had anything from the little keychain Swiss Army knives, those POS knives that swung out of nail clippers at one point, all the way up to the larger 4 or 5 inch Buck knives. My favorite by far was the Gerber knife, non-serrated, that resided on my “bat belt” next to my Leatherman multitool and the TLD radiation measurement thingamajigger. As an electrician in the Navy, I could strip wires faster with my Gerber knife than I could having to find a set of “official” wire strippers. Also made sure I always had a dime on me so I could un-do those pesky flat-blade screws….until the Skipper walked in as I was changing his desk light and was tightening up the cover with said dime. *sigh*

    Right now, I have a small Gerber blade, probably about 2″, with a pocket clip, like the old Spyderco blades, but this one is all metal. Spyderco’s were great blades, and the plastic bodies were really light, but the plastic clip would loosen up after awhile and I’d invariably lose it while out hiking. I’ve had this little booger now for about ….3.5 years or so, and its as stiff a clip as ever.

    I also carry a small flashlight, mini-mag or similar….three USB thumbdrives….and a pen. I’m usually never without those in my pocket.

  3. I always thought those clear, rigid plastic packaging containers holding everything hostage in plain sight… from iPods and staplers to cell phones and razors… were specially developed to test the abilities of my everyday carry knives…

    Dann in Ohio

  4. I carry a mini switchblade and I did carry an older larger old school switchblade.I’d whip that thing out to cut something for someone and get a lot of ooo’s and awe’s.
    Illegal if you get caught with one.Seems silly,but it has been that way since the 50’s when they were outlawed due to the’s and daddy O’s carrying them.
    See the movie blackboard jungle and you will know what I mean.

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