Lets Talk About Your Junk

Alright guys, we’re talking about your junk here.  You know, your wedding tackle. Hubby is wearing a kilt to get you all thinking about the health of what you’ve got down there. And then some punk* joins in the fundraising race and without even wearing a kilt, jumps up onto the leader board.  That’s just not even right, y’all.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  So the late-starting non-kilt wearing (are ya skeered?) punk has been on TV.  We own a TV.  So he took out a mugger with a cup of coffee. I carry a bigger gun than he does (I’d be willing to bet that’s still true even though he’s moved on from the .25).  Michael started his announcement to the choir last night by saying, “So you may have noticed that I haven’t been wearing pants.”

Come on.  You can even ogle my husband in potentially compromising pictures.  What more do you want? (For the right donation, …well, we’ll just see.)

Pony up guys!  Do it for your junk!  Besides, if Michael wins his own holster and belt combo, he’ll be able to use it for even more good since it’s not like he needs it.

You can give to the Prostate Cancer Foundation here and LiveStrong here. (Yes, those are Michael’s links. I’m shamelessly leveraging my blog for him.)

*Poking Caleb all in fun.  He’s asking for it anyway 😉  

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