Thankfully, I Havent Updated My Random Injuries Category In Months

I guess it was time.

You know, because I did not yet have a scar there.

And maybe, just maybe, high heeled boots are not the best tool for breaking branches for my in-law’s chiminea.  Or perhaps metal garden shelves are not the best place for faces to land. But hey!  Now my in-laws and their house guests have a new story to tell.  Because all impressive injuries need audiences.  And bourbon.

My left hand and knee and bruised up as well as my right hip. I’m spending today at home.

On the bright side, I’ve got blog content.  And the swelling has gone down.


22 thoughts on “Thankfully, I Havent Updated My Random Injuries Category In Months”

  1. Well that’s it! I’ve given up wearing heels!

    Ouch! +1 to the neosporin. Also once it starts knitting up nicely and the butterflies are done some vitamin e oil rubbed on the scar will help the scar blend away.

    Unless you want a scar, which might be kinda sexy!

    Feel better soon!

  2. P. J. O’Rourke once said something to the effect that pain performs a specific function in our existence: it reminds us that we are boneheads.

    I feel a twinge just typing that.

  3. Ouch. +1 on Weer’d’s suggestion of the vitamin E oil. I managed to splash olive oil that had just started to smoke across the backs of both hands once. Thanks in part to the E oil you can’t even tell now.

    Mind you, scars have a mojo all their own. You might want to work up a better story though.


  4. Weer’d,

    My other trick was at night I’d fill a latex glove with oil and wear it with the cuff all taped up. I’d make a fist and bind my hand so it couldn’t unclench.

    End result: Full range of motion with no painful stretching of the new skin.


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