Good News Folks!

Apparently all the problems have been solved!

I mean, that must be the case if local leaders are focusing on this.

Fast-food menu signs are not currently regulated by the city, so right now, restaurants can make them as large as they want. A public hearing to discuss changes will be held Tuesday at the Oklahoma City city council meeting.

You say ‘not currently regulated’ like it’s a bad thing. Big flashy signs might distract someone from their current text.  They’ll be powerless against the Mac Attack!

Generally speaking, drive-thru menu signs are in the back.  You know, in the drive-thru.  Back there where customers who have already decided they’d like some calorie laden convenience can place their order. Fast-food chains use other means to get you thinking Arby’s while you are driving down the road.

8 thoughts on “Good News Folks!”

  1. I could tell you stories about the ridiculous code enforcement rules in place in the city where I work that would curl your hair.

    One that is on topic for this post:

    You know the electronic signs outside places like CVS, Walgreens, and Jiffy Lube that advertise their current specials? They have an ordinance that prescribes the number of seconds that must pass before the information on the sign can change. Someone actually sits out by the signs and times them with a stopwatch and either makes them “abate the violation” or issues citations – depending on how many violations they’ve had in the past.

    Yeah… that’s clearly our most pressing problem.

    1. We actually received one of those “abate the violation” letters for a dangerous object left in the walkway. It was our city trashcan sitting on the sidewalk. Right where the city garbage men left it. Apparently, it is only safe on Thursdays for it to be there.

  2. “Big flashy signs might distract someone from their current text.”

    I think you meant a distraction from their current TASK.

    But you are probably more accurate.

  3. Dang. I miss the good ole days where gubber-mint did….well…gubber-minting. Not nitpicking and micromanaging people’s and business’ lives.

    Worst case I ever saw was while stationed in Hawaii, the Taco Bell drive thru just outside Pearl Harbor. It had….wait for it…..SPEED BUMPS in the drive thru. The drive thru with TWO 90-degree turns in it, maybe 10 feet apart. Yep. There were two speed bumps in the drivethru. Apparently someone complained about people speeding through there, so they were required to put the speed bumps in. Because someone driving a vehicle that can corner 90-degrees in less than the length of the car while doing 60mph needs a couple of reminders to slow down before they get to the pickup window.

  4. You cannot repair the sidewalk, that is the City’s job and you will be fined.

    But come Winter, you must clear the sidewalk of snow and ice or face a %600 fine.

    I understand the second (though the fine seems excessive) OK, but the first? And it is “justified” because the sidewalk is “City Property” even though your deed says your property goes to the edge of the road?

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