The Final Count

As promised, comments closed at midnight last night.  There was one clear winner.  There were 10-10 gauge shells, 63-20 gauge shells, and 137-12 gauge shells for a grand total of 210 shells. One commenter guessed 209, and as luck would have it, he’s actually a local!

So I didn’t tell him.

Instead, we made arrangements to meet him at H&H Gun Range.  There is a great little cafe right there in the store, so we sat down for a couple of their famous onion burgers and waited.  So there we were at our table with a giant box beside us when commenter Me not You, aka Mark, walked up to chat.  He wasn’t able to stay and share a meal with us, but that’s alright.  He leaned right on the box without realizing what it was. We told him the final count, and that he could take that box he was leaning on home with him.

I think he thought I was kidding.

Nope, and I’m even going to take your picture.

Especially if I can get you to strike a pose.

Honestly, I had planned to make a trip to UPS today to get it shipped off.  Trips to the range are always more fun than UPS though. Thanks everyone for playing!  That was fun.  I’m hoping to do more giveaways in the future.  And again, thank you to the people at Gun Casket for making this all possible.  Remember to use the code “Jennifer” in their checkout system to get your discount.  (Also, they kick a little back to your humble host.)

11 thoughts on “The Final Count”

  1. I need to pay more attention to the links on Tam’s blog roll. A random contest for something like this?? And the pickup site is the only range in the OKC area I have access to?? Well, just dang.

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