Violence UnSilenced

There’s a big announcement over at Violence UnSilenced just in time for Domestic Violence awareness month. The work done there is a tremendous service to everyone.  I strongly encourage everyone to check them out.

I have read every single post there.  Every agonizing and painful one.  It isn’t easy, but it took a mountain of courage for some of these people to speak out.  The least I can do is hear them.  I comment so they know they are heard.

We in the pro-gun community should be especially supportive of the work being done at Violence UnSilenced.  These are the stories of the most vulnerable.  Understand that each time you teach a new shooter, you just might be preventing one of these stories.  Either that, or you are telling a survivor that they are worth protecting and you have the faith in them that they should be empowered to protect themselves.  That’s not to say they will go home and use the skill you’ve just taught them, but they will have a confidence they didn’t have before.

It is so very important that these stories get out there. The more people that really get what domestic violence actually looks like, the better off we are.

I wrote the other day about looking like an easy mark.  I wanted to talk about another facet.  The people that gawked and stared.  Now I understand that you don’t want to randomly approach a stranger in the grocery store.  But honestly, gawking and whispering to your companions isn’t really helpful.  Honestly, that reaction almost made me want to shrink and hide, and I’m not a woman in a crisis situation.  Imagine how that affects actual abused women.

Contrast that with the people at church.  They asked.  They showed concern for me.  I am so very grateful that they care so much.  Imagine if a woman in crisis felt like someone cared.  Yeah, they are going to lie to you if you ask.  But what you’ve told them just by being concerned speaks volumes.

Violence UnSilenced lets us show people that we care about their story. That we care about them.  They are worth your time.

5 thoughts on “Violence UnSilenced”

  1. I will be taking a new shooter to the range fairly soon as a result of something like this. I can’t get too into it, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I might be helping – even a little – someone break the cycle…

  2. I work odd hours at Wal-Mart, here in my small community.

    A couple months back I saw a lady wearing a “Got hit? Get out!” T-shirt, and had to ask where she got it. She works with a local domestic violence program, and picked it up at a convention somewhere.

    I wonder if that is as powerful for change, as possibly, “If you are lying to others, you are lying to yourself.”

    Blessed be.

  3. Jennifer,
    I first came across your blog through the LawDog. I was really impressed by you straight ahead attitude. I found it very refreshing. I have slowly been working through you blog and finally found this. Thank you for featuring VU. I was a victim of violence as a child and this has really resonated with me. Thank you again.

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