Hmm, Maybe I Should See Someone About That

In addition to the height increasing health screening this morning, we also have a health fair thing going on.  Pretty neat actually.  Several vendors have tables set up to tell us about what they have to offer.  Some local gyms are running drawings for a free month. Someone else is giving away books.

And then there was a chiropractor.  His assistant has some doohickeys* she can put on your back and check the alignment of your spine.  Then they give you a nifty printout,

Yep, that's me on the right

and a funny look, and directions to their office. Also, the assistant will start to list symptoms you omitted from the consent form to use the doohickeys on you in the first place.

You should always worry when a practitioner puts something against your neck and then gasps. I suppose muscles generating 1084% of the activity of what they are supposed to could give someone pause. Guess I’m just an overachiever.

*it’s a technical term

13 thoughts on “Hmm, Maybe I Should See Someone About That”

  1. I had that done, my lower back numbers were black not red. Chiro is good, makes you feel better but it can also meke some things worse.

  2. It was an act, and the doohickeys are rigged to do that. Oo ee, oo oo ah, ting tang, walla walla bing bang. Did they hook you up to the Hubbard Electrometer too? Alright. All joking set aside now. We really should look into having something done about your neck. I feel bad for you and your pain.

  3. Chiro’s definitely something that can help. Your health insurance might even cover visits (mine covers 20 per calendar year at normal specialist co-pays).

    My chiro (great guy, but I just want to jump off the table and smack him sometimes … I think you have to be mildly sadistic to become one…) had dollar signs in his eyes after they ran that on my back. And funny enough, all the spots that came up black on the electromylogram (about 2/3 of my spine) were also the spots that do the snap-crackle-pop thing first thing in the morning (and all day).

    If you do decided to go, just be prepared to be VERY sore afterwards in the spots you have adjusted. It will feel better after a couple visits.

  4. Never had a fancy electronical thingamajigger done on my back, but had a similar experience with a machineamifier that used moveable little plastic thingys with strings to show where your spine and shoulders and hips were sitting. After stepping off the dang thing, the lady got this “you only have 6 hours to live” look and solemnly handed me a brochure for her clinic and gave me very detailed instructions on how to get there. Didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d just finished 4.5 years of submarine duty, and I might’ve had the straightest spine on the boat. LOL Went for a free session, which turned out to be nothing more than a “this is what we offer” infomercial. Been to a back cracker a couple of times, but for the most part, I just stretch in the morning, everything pops, and I go about my day. With an Advil bottle close by.

  5. I would try massage therapy first. Many times the problems can be corrected by relaxing the muscles and letting them go back to the spot they should be.

    Had a Kung Fu instructor who swore by massage.

  6. I’d be half-afraid to have my spine inspected closely; I know what all the years of various stuff have beat up my hands, knees and elbows, my spine is scary to think about.

  7. Side note: years back I read of a study in which they did full back exams of a bunch of men, and found an interesting result: a lot of the people who did hard manual labor had as much or more injuries than office types, but reported less pain and disability. It appeared that their muscle structure was strong enough to compensate for and support the damage.

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