Evil Is Evil Regardless Of How Well The Damn Football Team Performs

And every single one of you Penn State fans rioting over the loss of your beloved coach are complicit in the evil.

No one knows how many little boys will carry horrible scars for the rest of their lives.  Statistically, they are far more likely to pass on the abuse to others.  And so on, and so on.

But you seem to think winning football games is more important than protecting children.  That it’s forgivable that this coach could have prevented countless children from being subjected to the actions of his subordinate and the lasting repercussions of his perversion.

You people are sick and evil.

On what planet is the success of some jocks throwing a ball more important than protecting the innocence of a child? Your moral compass either doesn’t exist or is badly broken.

Your beloved coach, you know-the guy who is supposed to be a role model, aided and abetted the rape of an untold number of young boys.  You don’t take away a guy’s keys over child rape.  You turn them in, and hopefully they wind up someplace where they have to pump air to him.

Nothing.  Do you understand? Nothing mitigates the evil of what has gone on here. Those boys will never get over this.  Never. With support, they may be able to heal, but it will never go away.  Without help and support, they will likely pass this evil on.  Maybe to your son or daughter.

But I guess that doesn’t matter to you.  Nah. Way more important that a bunch of sweaty guys throw a ball really well.

I wish the ground under your feet would open up and swallow you whole.  I have no desire to share oxygen with those that would support evil.

–I shouldn’t have to say this, but if you happen to personally witness a child being raped, the appropriate action is to intervene.  Bare minimum, you call the police. Preferably, you have means to step in.  If the rapist reaches room temperature, I’m not going to lose any sleep. They are really just ambulatory fertilizer anyway, may as well help them achieve their true calling.

12 thoughts on “Evil Is Evil Regardless Of How Well The Damn Football Team Performs”

  1. Jennifer, I applaud your ability to keep a cool enough head to post this without completely losing it.

    I simply cannot fathom what goes through the heads of people who would voluntarily turn their backs on a clear-cut case of child rape. I’m even more nonplussed at those who would riot in behalf of the rapist.

    I’ll say this here and now, without reservation: IF I FIND YOU RAPING ANYONE, ESPECIALLY A CHILD, YOU WILL NOT LEAVE MY PRESENCE ALIVE.

    That’s the ‘right thing to do.’ Not making a halfhearted, mumblemouthed admission/confession to the ‘authorities.’ JMNSHO.

  2. Oh darn, his “home” has been vandalized. A wooden structure that can be fixed/replaced/repainted and life will continue. What about the kids? Their innocence can’t be fixed by a quick trip to Lowes. This “walking fertilizer” (love that!) needs to be vandalized. Between the eyes.

    Or, better yet, throw him in general population at the local pound-me-repeatedly-in-naughty-locations Federal pen. THEN, after multiple counts of good ole shower lovin’, vandalize between the eyes.

  3. +1000

    This is one of the most evil, heinous things I have ever heard of in my life. There is no excuse for what Paterno or any of them did. None.

    I cannot even begin to grasp how they could have let that go on and done NOTHING. There is no hell hot enough for them all.

  4. Hell, what do we expect? Ted Kennedy was the ‘lion of the Senate’ despite numerous acts of sexual assault(along with the equally odious Dodd) because ‘he votes the right way’. (Yeah, who cares about women being attacked as long as ol’ Ted votes to keep abortion easy and paid for with OPM, and raising taxes on anybody who can’t afford the tax attorneys to hide their income?) The crap Barney Frank has been involved in, and other politicians who still get their ass kissed for using OPM to hand out favors?

    People will overlook idiotic levels of wrong and flat-out evil for the most base and/or idiotic reasons…

  5. Right on, I have to admit when I first heard the story I was like, maybe he didn’t know the details or maybe it wasn’t that cut and dry. But now that more facts have come out I FULLY agree with you, this guy is a scumbag who deserves what is coming.

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