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Ok, I know had an issue on Internet Explorer earlier, but I believe I have that fixed now.  I’ve checked it in Firefox, Chrome, IE, and even Opera now.  It even works from my Android based phone.Please do me a favor and test in your browser of choice and let me know if you have any issues. (FYI-the text should not disappear as you scroll over the logo in the background.  That’s what was happening in IE)

And also, SayUncle rocks. Thanks for the link/launch/endorsement.

11 thoughts on “Design Bleg”

  1. The site looks like it works as designed for me in IE 7.

    I do want to say that I find the background quite distracting. I’ve always HATED a “busy” background behind text. It’s not an issue until i start to scroll, and then it drives my nuts.

    Also, “The Black Belt” logo in black disappears in the black background when I start to scroll down. It’s still there, I just can’t see it cause it’s black on black.

  2. My experience using IE 8.0.7600.16385 mirrors Morris’ experience.

    Chrome version 15.0.874.120 m is fine.

    Firefox 7.0.1 is fine as well.

  3. Much better (on 9.0.8112)! IE was just not rendering a background for the text to be visible against. Also, congratulations on the product line expansions!

  4. Rob,
    I think I have the site title issue fixed. I am still testing.
    Capitalist Pig,
    That rocks! Thank you.
    I am downloading IE9 for testing. I’ve made a couple of changes and it appears to be working in IE8 now. I apologize to all of you that are using Internet Explorer, but it has become the bane of this amateur code slinger. Apparently, the people at Microsoft do not believe web standards apply to them,

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