It’s A Special Skill

And I am uniquely qualified.  I have proof.

I managed to injure myself in my CPR/First Aid/AED class. I bruised the back of my right hand doing chest compressions.

Like I said, special skill. I didn’t realize it until after class and the cuff on my jacket brushed my hand.  Hmm, my hand isn’t usually so tender, nor so swollen.

I have now successfully injured* myself in pistol class, shotgun class, and First Aid class. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, but I should never take a class in it, apparently.

And a side note, telling people that being trained in First Aid is important to you because you regularly take children into the woods with firearms can get you some funny looks. Also, the new dummies are cool.  They have little lights in the shoulder that light up when you are doing it correctly.  If you ever plan to have a heart attack in my presence, do me a favor and please have little green, yellow, and red LEDs installed in your left shoulder.  It’d really help me out.

*not seriously, I save my serious injuries for when I’m doing something completely mundane.  My scars do not come with good stories. Unless you want to spin up some yarn about my epic battle with a garden shelf. Or how my daunting quest was thwarted by a cinder block wall to the forehead (Hey! That one happened in PE class; I think I’m detecting a pattern). Maybe even how that vacuum cleaner totally had the toe-breaking kick coming.

6 thoughts on “It’s A Special Skill”

  1. Oh, definitely always make up really cool stories about injuries. I mean, its no fun to tell someone you broke a toe by not paying attention to the exact location of the bathroom doorframe one morning…no, you were rushing out of the room to save a baby from a burning building while helping an old lady across the street (at 6am?) and got distracted in the process of reloading your ____ to combat the alien invasion and save the earth. The aliens got in a lucky shot and broke your toe, that’s all. hehehehehe

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