Hard To Believe We Were Ever So Young

That’s us.  Thirteen years ago today.  Can you believe it? Look at that full head of red hair. I had to wrestle the wedding album onto the scanner for that one.  That’s right, we got married back when they were still using film.

So far, the second decade together is even better than the first.  We’ve been through amazing adventures and only grown closer.   Sure, we’ve been through tough times, but we never would have gotten through them alone. And the years have balanced far more heavily on the good side of things.  Michael is and will always be my very best friend and one true love. I’m looking forward to many more years together.



18 thoughts on “Hard To Believe We Were Ever So Young”

  1. Hold each other tight and tell each other how much they are loved every day. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

    After three weeks it’s still hard to believe I’m facing my tomorrow’s alone.

  2. That is pretty darn incredible. It’s so nice to see people making it work. I’m seeing more people in my life making it work these days. It’s work sometimes, but it’s not really hard. Not when your soul-mate is so incredible. Congrats on finding yours.

  3. I wish I could have given my wife that kind of wedding…someday, we’ll renew our vows and do it right.

    Here’s to you. May love embrace you both forever, in this world and the next.

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