It’s Pie! With Bacon!

As many of you know, the summer in my neck of the woods was brutal.  So brutal, in fact, that my tomato plants would just drop their blossoms rather than actually put of fruit for most of the summer.  The little pear tomatoes did fine, but the big ones just couldn’t take it even with daily watering.

Until the heat broke. Then they put on tomatoes like crazy. Unfortunately, there was just not enough summer left for the fruit to ripen, and we were left with about 5 pounds of beautiful green tomatoes.

We sauteed them into scrambled eggs and put them in stew, and they were delicious.  And then, I ran across a recipe for tomato pie. It wouldn’t do any good to link the recipe here because you don’t want that one anyway. That, and I’m not so good with following directions.  So off to the store to buy pie crust.

In spite of my undomesticated goddess status, I was able to find the Pillsbury pie crusts that come two to a package that you have to unroll. The EvylRobot was kind enough to fry up some bacon and chop it up into pieces for me. Both because he loves me, and also because he knows me in the kitchen+fire+sharp objects is likely to equal something that might make the news. I did slice the tomatoes with out incident, however.

And into the pie went the tomatoes and bacon.  The recipe said something about topping it with shredded cheese mixed with mayo, so I mixed that into an unholy mess in one of EvylRobot’s measuring cups. Did I mention that he loves me? The texture of this mixture is goopy…no…clumpy and sticky…we’ll call it glurpy and difficult to spread. I glopped this mixture over the top of the pie and spread it as evenly as possible.  Then I covered it in foil and stuck it in the freezer. If you are not like me and your oven is not wrapped in plastic in the dining room, you really could go straight into the oven at this point.

We thawed the pie later in the week to test my experimental pie on my family.  My mother has a perfectly serviceable oven in its proper place in the kitchen. And the pie was…alright.  Not great. The tomatoes were still too juicy and the crust was soggy.  It was difficult to cut and serve.  All agreed that it was a good start and that the next one would be better.

What? There were 2 pie crusts in the package.  It’s not like I had any other use for the second one. Besides, any food item that combines pie and bacon should get better reviews than ‘alright.’

And here is the last of Tomato Bacon pie 2.0. Because the answer is always more bacon.

More pics and something vaguely resembling a recipe later. It was delicious.

6 thoughts on “It’s Pie! With Bacon!”

  1. Have you ever tried pulling up the plants, roots and all, and hanging them in your basement, or somewhere else where they won’t freeze? If they are fully-formed, they should ripen. My wife and I have done this many times when we have lived where the seasons are short.

    1. I have not. Unfortunately, our first freeze was a bit of a surprise this year and the vines were all shriveled up. I don’t think hanging them would have worked at that point. Also, no basement and very little space in the house to hang them.
      Besides, I had never had green tomatoes before. They were quite tasty!

  2. O.M.G. You are an evil temptress… I thought earlier about pickling them, but my round tuit has disappeared and the pear tomatoes keep ripening (darn, means I have to eat them!). I wonder if adding heat, in the form of either jalapenos, which I happen to have from the garden as well, or something similar would improve it? What do you think?

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