Have I Mentioned That I’m Accident Prone?

I know I’ve mentioned my love of fabulous shoes.  Actually, I’m a slave to great shoes.  But it’s voluntary servitude.  It won’t be required for another few months. (Why yes, I did just slip in a snide comment about Obama there.)

And the lovely green tape peeking through.  Apparently, I broke my toe last night.  This is not exactly an unusual occurrence for me.  The unusual part is that I don’t have a clue how I did it.  I must have kicked something on the way to bed last night.  Either that, or I’m kicking Michael in his sleep really hard.

Any unexplained bruises this morning dear?

All I really know is that every time the covers brushed across my left foot, pain shot up my leg.  This morning, it was misshapen and swollen.  Once I put weight on it, it turned colors.  Maybe I could write a musical: Jennifer and Her Toe of Many Colors.  I’ll cast an Osmond.  Now that I look at the picture, I realize the entire foot is swollen.  So. Very. Attractive.

No, I have not gone to the doctor.  I went to a doctor for a broken toe many years ago, and he just taped it to the next one.  You know what?  I have tape, and it’s in such a fetching color.  I bet Mr. I-have-a-lot-of-letters-after-my-name-and-so-I’m-better-than-you doesn’t have tape in AstroTurf green.  Besides, I’m just getting used to the idea of not being able to get an appointment anyway.  (Yep, I did it again.)

And did I dig to the nether regions of my closet for sensible shoes?  Oh hell no!  Maybe now Mr. Giver-of-Crocs will take pity on me.  Don’t you see what I will do to make sure my feet are outfitted in style?  I could have totally rocked a pair of these today

But I’m still holding out for the purple boots.

Ha! Ha! Ha!  You only thought I would grow tired of the shameless linking.

3 thoughts on “Have I Mentioned That I’m Accident Prone?”

  1. Owie! Sad toes! 🙁

    But, man, I LOVE it when you post pictures of drool-worthy shoes! (And I have to say that the boots are something I’m coveting, as well! Pretty, pretty boots!) I’ve been a bit of a heels-lover lately, as my business strongly encourages wearing them. I cry a little at the prices (especially the boots), but if Obama doesn’t break the backs of the middle class in the next four years, I hope to make enough money someday that I won’t have to worry about the prices.

    And keep dropping those stealthy snide comments. I’m with ya on those! 😉

    (Funny aside: I was reading someone else’s blog, which commented on the ugliness of the Crocs clogs, but she gave in to them when she opened her pizza business and killed her feet in her regular shoes. One of her coworkers said that she should try them, because it was “like walking on kittens.” Now, when I think of Crocs clogs, I can’t help but think of that comment. :))

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