A Little Music For You

I promised I would share if I got a recording of a performance.  Well, the EvylRobot and I sang Longing for the Light from Tapestry of Light composed by Joseph M. Martin.  We sang with the combined choirs of our home church, First Christian Church of Edmond and Peace Lutheran. We had the honor of singing with these choirs as well as wonderful instrumentalists. Hope you enjoy.

Our 12 year old son did the recording.  My camera isn’t really best for video, but you get the idea.  Once I have a higher quality recording, I will share that one as well.

You did say you wanted to see more Jen on camera 😉

4 thoughts on “A Little Music For You”

  1. WOW!

    Who was that chick on stage with Evyl Robot?

    jk, It’s great to see a lovely young couple sing together like that. My wife and I sing together too, but people usually recommend we don’t do it in public.

    I’m posting a link on my page, that was awesome!

  2. You have a wonderful voice Jen and that guy you hang around with ain’t too bad either. I wish I could sing but my lack of talent does not preclude me from enjoying those who can.
    Thanks for the joy.

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