Why I Haven’t Talked Much About The Primaries

It’s because I want to vote for this guy

But I don’t want to vote for this guy

Not to pick on Rick Perry, specifically. I’ve got problems with all of them. He’s just an easy example. I’m really in the anybody but Romney camp.

And don’t give me any Ron Paul crap.  Yes, if he’s the nominee, I’ll vote for him over Dear Reader, but I think he’d make a terrible president.

I liked Herman Cain.  I still believe all the mud thrown at him was manufactured, but someone had something on him that made him drop out. I don’t know or care what it was.

The strong video isn’t a deal breaker for me either.  Yes, it’s bad.  But it’s not like any of the others (Crazy Paul notwithstanding) can stay out of the bedroom activities of consenting adults. And I don’t really think he’s intentionally gay-bashing here.  He’s making a statement about people bending over backwards to keep from offending homosexuals and yet it’s perfectly fine to marginalize Christians. He just put it badly.

Newt Gingrich was chastising Bill Clinton while having an affair himself.  You know, he’ll really love America until she gets cancer.  He’s a smart guy, it’s true.  Does he know how to fix the mess we’re in? Probably so.  But he won’t do it.  He’s going to do whatever it takes to be popular.

Rick Santorum? Who is the guy? Where did he come from? I’ve got no idea.

Mitt?  No, just no.  Obamacare is the biggest example of the over-reach of government we ever seen.  It was based on Mitt’s law.  Also, just ask JayG about what he did for gun owners in Massachusetts.

I like Michelle.  I really do.  But she’s kind of got the crazy too.  But then again, she wrote the bill to kill Obamacare.

Which leaves Rick Perry.


Far from perfect. In bed with big business.  Comfortable with using executive privilege.  And way to concerned with what consenting adults want to do in their bedrooms.  blah blah blah.

He has a history of crony capitalism.  Crony capitalism is the cancer of the free market.

But we know he’s pro-gun.  So at least there is that.  He’s for small government, generally.  And I like the part time Congress thing even though it’ll never happen.

I know that we’ll never see a perfect candidate.  Running for president requires a certain amount of narcissism.  But there is really no one in the race that I’m excited about.



15 thoughts on “Why I Haven’t Talked Much About The Primaries”

  1. I hear you. There’s not a candidate for me. I want to participate in polls but the current candidates have me heaving a heavy sigh while I try to decide who the best of the not-so-great is. I wrote about it with the last election at http://wordybitch.blogspot.com/2008/12/electile-dysfunction-part-one.html – and that right there is proof that I don’t even have enough excitement about this to properly hyperlink. ABO, but damn, GOP. Please, someone, give us a candidate that we can get excited about!

  2. Looks like ‘The Hair'(Perry) is solving this dilemma for us by dropping out of the race. So now it will be the choice between ‘White Obama’ (Romney) and Anyone Else.

  3. What is wrong or unfactual about the sentence “Gays can openly serve in the military but our Children cannot pray in school?” Perry didn’t say that Gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve openly but rather that it is a shame that for all the progress, the enlightment, the tolerance the left likes to claim, they spend a great deal of time repressing anyone who is not in lockstep with them and their pet causes.

    1. Nothing at all. Like I said, he wasn’t gay bashing. I just feel like he put this together badly. Or, his team did. I want small government, not one pushing the agenda of any faith. Even if their faith happens to agree with mine.

  4. Romney gets his policy advice from the exact same people that Obama does, and both he and Gingrich are in favor of carbon taxes, VAT taxes, and health care mandates. Santorum is a big government social con who would write the Democrats a blank check for a ban on abortion ( I am not defending abortion, but the legality of it is just not going to matter after the country is bankrupt). At least Perry has an economic track record to run on, but i’m still waiting for the legendary campaigner I read so much about before he got in the race. Probably too late by now though, I suspect that he is toast. Ron Paul as a presidential candidate is and never has been anything but a novelty.

    It is not possible to run perpetual trillion+ dollar deficits yet I see no one on the horizon who will get serious about spending cuts. So, the question is…….What happens when the irresistable force meets the immoveable object?….Hang on tight, I think we are going to find out.

    You borrow untill you can’t borrow any more, than you print money till no one will take it….game over.

  5. Sarah was (and is) my #1. Michelle was 2. Cain 3. Perry 4. Now even my #4 is nowhere. So my choice is among a bloviating gasbag, a rich kid non-entity, and GHWB lite? Puhleeze!

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