Here we are at the beginning of the last year.  Well, if the Mayans were right anyway. Or, at least the people that actually believe that the Mayans were predicting anything.  Honestly, I think they were carving away and decided that sometime between when they were chip chip chipping away and the year 2012, someone would have an opportunity to go ahead and update the thing.  Or that maybe, just maybe, we’d figure out another way to mark the date.  That’s it! They actually foresaw that nifty touch screen gadget hanging out in your pocket!

Where was I?

Right, new year.  Sorry, I do not resolve to avoid tangents.

I’m not very good at resolutions anyway. But I do have a couple of goals.

Last year, the kind folks at Emergency Seed Bank were awesome and sent me one of their boxes of seeds.  I have not been very good about telling you about them.  But seriously, I cannot recommend them highly enough.  We had the hottest summer in recorded history.  The drought was epic.  And of course, we’ve had a few freezes by now and I have bright green spinach growing in a pot in the back yard. My thumbs are not green. Not by any stretch of the imagination.  And yet, just yesterday, I harvested some cabbage to experiment with a recipe of my own creation (Jenchi-it’s kinda sort based on a few Kimchi recipes, but I actually pickled it.)

Hmm. If you eat ham for happiness, black-eyed peas for luck (Tried, but Fergie just wouldn’t consent to being put in the smoker), and cabbage for cash, does pickling cabbage mean something good for my savings account?

Really, the only negative thing I have to say is my problem, not theirs.  I just don’t have enough land to plant everything that they sent.  But that just means we will be planting different veggies this spring. Thankfully, the Emergency Seed Bank comes with instructions because I haven’t the slightest idea what I’m doing out there in the garden.

Which brings me to a goal for 2012. I am going to get closer to my food.  This year, I intend to grow more of my own vegetables.  I am going to learn more about canning and preserving them.

Also, I will be making my first ever hunting trip in the next few weeks.  With any luck, I will be able to eat something that I have personally killed.  I’m excited/nervous/anxious and very much looking forward to it.

I’ll be trying to review some more products and hopefully have some giveaways for you too.  I’m currently reading Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun  (Kindle Edition is here) and should have a copy for giveaway as well. I am enjoying it so far. I also received word this morning that I’ve got a CD on the way, so that should be fun.

So tell me, is there anything you’d like to see on these pages in the coming year? No promises, but I’ll take requests into consideration.

8 thoughts on “2012”

  1. I would just like to say simply thank you for all of your blogging. You do a great job of it.

    Happy 2012.

    (Related to seeds, I was thinking of finally starting a garden. One battle would be to keep all of the creatures out of it…)

  2. I’m with North, great blog, I look forward to the perfect blend of snark and sarcasm. Now, just need to add a MtDew dispenser on here somewhere (next to the plate of complimentary NutterButters would be a good spot) to make this the perfect blog.

    North, I did a bit of reading on home gardens, and one of the things that was highly recommended is to line your garden bed with anti-weed mesh, and then line it with chicken-coop mesh to keep the burrowing critters out. For everything else, there’s .22 cal.

    As for recommendations on what to see more of, definitely your gardening experiments! What you’re doing, what you’re not doing, what works, what failed miserably (I have a black thumb, myself…plastic plants don’t survive around me), etc etc. And a platypus. Gotta see more platypus influence here. Maybe sporting a Henry repeater? Golden Boy? Sharps buffalo rifle perhaps? Gotta be careful, though, platypii (?) are noted for being belligerently picky in their choise of firearm. Honey badgers walk carefully around a platypus with a cheap handgun. Just sayin’.

  3. On gardening, you might review The Square Foot Gardening book.

    Root cellaring is a good way to keep extra veggies. One way is to set aside a barn stall, and build a shelter for the veggies of straw bales. Another is to dig a 2 foot deep pit, not necessarily very large, for storing veggies.

    Don’t forget the three sisters, corn, beans, and squash. Plant them intermingled for good use of the area, sunlight, etc. Another book is Carrots Love Tomatoes. It talks about what to plant with what, for increased yield and pest resistance.

    I am playing with sheet mulching this winter, with hope for a better next year. Last year the grasshoppers ate everything; I hope the bait I found late in the season helps this year.


  4. Ugh, gardening is a nightmare in VA. I used to grow beautiful tomatoes and roses in California. Nothing to complicated, but here, nothing, nada, zippo. It’s awful!

    I, too, love this blog. Funny.

    This might be in your archives, I haven’t read every old post, but I would love to know more basic gun stuff. Things like sight alignment or tips on being more accurate. For the longest time, my shots were off because even though I understood to align the front sight with the back and target fuzzy, I wasn’t sure where to place the front tip. I thought I should put it higher then where I wanted the shot because the muzzle is lower than the sight:). I think that stuff is probably so basic, but as I do my blog,and get emails, I realize lots of folks(and not just woman) struggle with the same basic understanding of shooting and guns. I love searching Weer’d’s older posts. I learn so much, but after my disaster of trying to learn SA/DA/DAO etc. I think I could benefit from multiple perspectives:)

  5. I really enjoy my garden. I like to be able to go to the garden and pick fresh veggies for dinner.
    If you need some canning tips give me a call.
    Now if I can just remember not to plant so many cucumbers this year.

  6. Ooooh, another thought (spurred on by distinct lack of sleep and overabundance of caffeine…think “squirrel at the end of ‘Hoodwinked'”)…blog something about Tesla! There’s not enough Tesla blogposts that do not require a mid-grade tin-foil hat to read the post (much less the rest of the blog).

  7. Good luck with the hunt. Not only are you going to be good at it, you will enjoy it more than you know. I processed my own deer for the first time (took six hours) which was a goal for me. Next time I might let someone else do it, but it was good to know I could if I had to.

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