So, You Want To See The TV Holster?

Yeah, I thought you might. Click to see bigger.

MS is for Mary Shannon, the protagonist of In Plain Sight on the USA network. This is not some kind of paid product placement either.  They needed an extra special holster for the premier episode of season 5 (returning March 16th) and found

Yeah, we’ll be watching.  You?

Oh, right.  You want to see the back.

It’s a pretty one.

They originally wanted it just natural leather, but after seeing pictures of OldNFO‘s paddle holster, they appreciated his taste and copied the color.

I’m better at getting new pics up on Facebook than the actual website.  You do Like us on Facebook, right?

13 thoughts on “So, You Want To See The TV Holster?”

  1. Fantastic! I started watching this show after you mentioned making the holster for it. Now I’m hooked, just started the third season, and can’t wait to see this holster on the screen!

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