She Noticed Me

Yes, I say my name is Jennifer because that’s my name.  And since Joan probably won’t publish me, here’s what I had to say on this post (yes, it links to her)

My candle was for Lydia and women like her. Jennifer is my real name, the one on my birth certificate. My parents wanted it to be normal since there’s weren’t. My grandfather was an immigrant from the Philippines.
I know you won’t publish this. That’s fine. It’s your space. But I give you my word that I won’t censor you on my blog. And I do plan to publish my comment on my blog. Probably repeatedly.

Awe, Joan.  You wanna play?

Let me go ahead and tell you the location of the landmines your going to step in.  Jennifer is my real, honest, legal name.  I’ll show you both my drivers license and my conceal carry permit with the numbers blocked out if that helps. Everyone who has sent a check to my husband has my actual street address.  They could put it in their GPS and drive to where we live.

Oh right, none of that matters to you.  You’re going to tell me that I have no idea what it feels like to be a victim to feel powerless.  You’re going to tell me that I’ve always been privileged to avoid the evil in the world.

I should warn you now that you are wrong there too.  Just so you don’t really piss me right the hell off, you might go on and read this first. If that’s not enough, I can provide more.  You can email me directly at jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com.  I’ll give you my cell phone number if you want to chat. Readers, you are allowed to test that and comment.

You want to Google me and trash my background? There’s dirt there.  Good juicy dirt too. I will tell you that I have in my file cabinet the documentation that shows that it’s not nearly as sensational as the news reports.  You’ll look like a jackass when I refute you.

Yep, brother was arrested for murder.  He didn’t do it, by the way.  She was killed by blunt force trauma likely dealt by the drug dealer she was visiting that also broke the window of her vehicle.  Not that any of that made the news.  He’s a prohibited person anyway.  He was released.  Lack of evidence.  Also, not in the news.

I loved that girl.  I wear a bracelet that she gave me as a memorial to her.  She wasn’t always on the right side of the law herself, but she didn’t deserve to be murdered. But her murderer didn’t use a gun so I guess my friend doesn’t matter to you.

I’m a Christian too.  Jesus didn’t tell us to submit to evil. He told his disciples to sell their cloaks if they did not have a sword. Apparently, self defense was more important than warmth.  It gets awful cold in the desert at night.

Maybe talking to me is hard. Would you like to talk to my friend? She’s got a VPO against the drug-dealing father of her children. I’ll warn you in advance that she understands that piece of paper holds no actual power.

Thanks for the 4 hits, Joan.

18 thoughts on “She Noticed Me”

  1. Don’t waste your time Jenn. Joan is an evil bigot who cannot muster the attention she desires without shredding what dignity her sister could have had in death by attempting to steal her victimhood. Its apparent that joan cares nothing for victims of violence, and little for anything other than her sick desire to take something from others while standing in the limelight. She is a cowardly moral degenerate that wants people forced into compliance with her views by others using the exact tools she rails against. Her ravings are not for the victims , nor for the children but solely for Joan to feel that she has the attention she craves . You just cant have any dialog with either evil or crazy .

  2. Hey Jennifer? I accept you. Unconditionally.

    I may just email you some day to get your phone number. Not to test you, please understand; I’m dealing with the aftermath of emotional and verbal abuse in my life, and I think I would benefit from having a friend to talk to.

  3. Jennifer,

    If you haven’t figured it out Japete is living in the world of continued grief.
    In her reality there is no threat to her, or more likely, none she has noticed. What happens is the roach in their midst was a criminal and did murder. But hey unicorns and fairies exist and the evil gun caused it and not ignoring the criminal in their midst.

    We know better. Unfortunately there are people that are of age but not adults. They stick their head in the sand and critical thinking is avoided as means they have to face reality. They don’t
    accept that challenge and rather than make a decision they get lead. You can’t turn them all but every so often one or two realize something stinks and it isn’t fish.

    Remember you can’t change her, she has to do that herself. I commented on this back in September 2010, nothing has changed and her modus operandi is well known.

    Unlike her I grieve for the victim all, and would rather work to get those potential victims the tools to avoid harm or at least a choice.


  4. She’s totally lost it now. She’s now picking victims that are “hers” and ones that are “Ours”, and noting how invalid “Ours” our.

    Who’s showing respect?

    I praise her for making such a crude statement for all to see.

    Great post, Jennifer, Joan knows she’s using the blood of the innocent for her own selfish gain, and she all but admitted it.

    All I can do is watch and admire the self-destructive nature of it all!

  5. Your amazing! I can’t believe how brave you are. Well, actual I can. Clearly you can handle her, but I am with FarmDad, this lady is nuts!!

    Hey Erin, sorry you are having a tough time. Jennifer is a great friend to have.

  6. You regularly inspire me. Your strength and your courage. I can only hope to display those qualities in even a small way that you do.

    Honestly I feel sorry for Joan and those like her. She had tragedy happen and needed to place blame and rather than place it where it deserved to be she latched on to an object and went on a crusade. Now that crusade is blinding her. It blinds her to people and their pain and their strength, especially if it differs from how she wants it to be displayed. Her road leads to a very lonely place.

    You have better than that, we all do in this crazy bunch of gunnie bloggers. Thanks for being you!

  7. Did you notice that Joan’s post was all about HER victimhood, draped in the false front of attacks against victims, about “ugly comments” about her and her buddy Baldr, etc. NOT ONE acknowledgement of yours or anyone else’s need or desire to not be helpless as Joan desires. Just a statement that you, Jennifer, seems to want to end the “ugliness.”

    Of course, that whole disarm free Americans and the desire for more people to be defenseless is kind of ugly too….

  8. I think that it’s a waste of time to think we can get through to Joan given her bigotry, but that’s not what these posts are about.

    What they do is show what the gun community is, and what the anti’s are.

    They show how we act and react to being threatened, and how they act.

    Jennifer thank you.

    It’s a shame that there are such manipulative scum like Joan out there. But it shows your strength in how you handle them.

    And Weer’d, yeah this whole “our victims” gives the game away. The Anti’s don’t care about the wrong kinds of victims.

    The people that were attacked but not by guns. Those that don’t want to be victimized again and are doing something about it.

    Joan has now explicitly said that they don’t count.

    And that, is illuminating.

  9. You just have to understand that people are stupid. But the first amendment let’s them say a lot of crap. As far as driving to your house, have you seen how much gas is? Much rather spend that on a nice holster.

  10. One thing I learned in the Navy, really early on…respect is not given, not demanded, but earned. In the Navy, we usually said “salute the uniform, not the man/woman wearing it”. Same concept. Jennifer…you’ve earned my respect. Been reading your blog daily (heh…sometimes refreshing multiple times a day, when work really sucks. No…I’m not a stalker. Really!) for some time now, and nothing I’ve seen yet has diminished that respect. We’ve all got things in our pasts we’re not proud of. So what. As for Joan, I’d probably piss on her to put her out if she were on fire (basic humanity, not gonna stand around and watch someone die without making an effort of some sort), but other than that, she’s nothing. She has my pity. And that’s it.

  11. Great post! I can’t say what I think of JP here. Maybe later on my own blog.

    Btw, Jesus said, “Sell your cloaks,” not “clocks.” Probably a typo, but thought I’d point it out.


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