The Post Where I Threaten Joan

Joan (link warning) claims to have been threatened by the pro-gun bloggers.

So there you have it dear readers. These are the people who read my blog and then go and comment on other people’s blogs. These are the people who the NRA represents. These are the people who think they can threaten, demean, name-call, abuse, belittle, and mock. During and after the candlelight vigils  to honor victims of gun violence, the gun rights extremists ramped up their rhetoric. Victims make them nervous. They don’t like victims. They say we are “dancing in the blood of victims” when we light candles and ring bells. What’s that all about anyway? It’s a statement made often. What these folks don’t see is that their rigid resistance to any common sense gun laws that might actually prevent some of the shootings in this country results in more victims. Do they want more shooting victims? It’s odd that they don’t see how failure to do something has resulted in more victims. And then, cynically, they try to find their own victims. The truth is that there are too many victims and they know it. So to the pro gun bloggers who find it amusing to mock victims and survivors of gun violence, your words are here for all to see and they aren’t pretty. They portray a group of people who seem to believe that anything can be written with no consequences. Their voices represent a few loud, obnoxious and offensive people who are attempting to influence public policy in our country. Shame on anyone for listening to the voices of these people. We should all be offended.

I’ve yet to see any threats so I thought I’d just go on and offer one.

Dear Joan,

If you and I are walking down the street undoubtedly having a passionate disagreement and we are attacked, I will use my gun to defend not just my life but yours as well.  Thus robbing you of the sainted role of victim of gun violence.

I stand behind this threat and make the same one towards any innocent companion of mine, whether our politics agree or not. I will do my level best to make sure we are both survivors and not victims.

There you have it.  This is the very real threat that I am making to Joan Peterson, aka Japete.

I will never even consider drawing my gun to settle a debate no matter how passionate the conversation becomes.

10 thoughts on “The Post Where I Threaten Joan”

  1. “They don’t like victims.”

    She is absolutely right. I for one, HATE victims. I will do everything I can to make someone NOT a victim.

    Joan LOVES victims. They serve her purpose.

  2. Speaking personally, I do not hate victims, just like I do not hate anyone. I prefer survivors, and I love people completely unscarred by any form of violence at all.

    The difference between Joan and I is that I am willing to allow people to take steps to ensure those outcomes. She is not.

  3. +1 North When we hear about a crime we feel sad for those who are harmed…Joan smiles as there is Hay to be made.

    Also Jennifer, DAMN you bite hard! I don’t think anybody said anything so nasty to Joan before in her life!

  4. They might as well start claiming people are victims of FREEDOM. If we just stamp out freedom we can reduce the numbers of it’s victims. Sorry, freedom, while one of the most beautiful things in the world, also has a very ugly underbelly. It allows people like Joan to openly try to stop people from having a basic human right to self defense. Grrrr.

  5. I think, maybe, that there is a disconnect with Joan and conscientious gun control advocates.


    Unscrupulous people for political leverage or to push a sordid social agenda have glommed onto the ‘gun violence’ dogma. By selling their story, they create people that take the tragedy — gun violence victims — and stay sold on a sordid ‘remedy’, gun control.

    Convincing someone that their worries are valid, but the methods they choose are counter productive would be like explaining to a drug addict that taking another hit really won’t end the problem.

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