So How’d That Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser Turn Out?

Well according to Linoge

Third, I would like to thank our donators, who graciously gave $2355 to Soldiers’ Angels. Two thousand, three hundred, fifty-five dollars. Wow. Donations ran the full range from $5 all the way up to $300, with people using pretty much every avenue available to them to get money and supplies to Soldiers’ Angels, including a few I did not even think of. For the heinous crime of daring to stand up for our rights, our safety, and our lives, we gunbloggers, guncommeters (new word?), and gun owners have been called a lot of rather disrespectful names, but a few that will never hold water ever again (not that it ever did to begin with) are “selfish”, “greedy”, or “self-centered”.

Sounds great! In case I haven’t mentioned it before, you crazy internet gunnies are good people.  It was an honor to be a part of this.  And a big thank you to Linoge for carrying the water.  It’s heavier than you think.

Michael is already in contact with the winner of The Best Belt so he can get his prize on the way.  But there were no losers here.  Each and every person that gave is supporting a truly fantastic organization.  Keep Soldiers’ Angels in mind and remember that even the smallest donation makes a difference.  They do add up.

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