Hey Honey! Foot Doctors Say I Should Own More Shoes

It’s true.  I swear. See, here’s a link. It’s a bonafide thing I read on the internet.

Also, I’m immune to this

Scientists at the University of East Anglia recently warned that high heels could be to blame for flat feet, a painful condition affecting around 15 per cent of people.

I was born with flat feet and thus, they cannot get flatter. And it isn’t painful either. It’s my superhero power.  I am Stiletto Girl.

And since I am uniquely qualified to test and evaluate high heeled shoes, I believe Prada should send me these.

pic via AutoGuide.com

I like cars.  I can drive a standard in 4inch stilettos. I wear Italian size 38. I took a home defense shotgun class in 3 inch heels.

So, Prada marketing person, email jennifer AT injennifershead DOT com so we can work out the details.

10 thoughts on “Hey Honey! Foot Doctors Say I Should Own More Shoes”

  1. I was also born with flat feet and I love it! My freshman year of high school my best friend wanted to get the same shoes as me for homecoming but couldn’t because she has such high arches!!! I can wear any heal and shoot a gun them too!!! 🙂

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