Exploiting Tragedy, Yet Again

Clearly, something must be done about those sentient bullets.

On the Monday after Christmas a bullet left a firearm, traveled across two streets, a front yard, and a vacant lot before striking a house and hitting the head of a three-year-old Minneapolis boy, Terrell Mayes, who was climbing the stairs with his three other brothers to hide in a closet when they heard the first gunshots. Terrell died the next day. Had the bullet gone a little farther to the east, it would have missed the house and struck a neighboring elementary school.

No word on whether or not it picked up the dry cleaning on the way.

I guess the College of Design at the University of Minnesota teaches that colors place themselves on posters independent of graphic designers too. And it was fabric that helped these Haitian kids.

But wait! That article credits the design students. That can’t be right. Not when the Dean says this.

As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once put it, “guns don’t kill people, bullets do.” The problem of gun violence begins and ends with bullets, so let’s focus on them.

From reading Thomas Fisher’s piece, you’d never know that it was a stray bullet fired by a person.

Terrell died early Dec. 27, hours after being struck in the head by a stray bullet that entered his Hawthorne neighborhood home. He and his brothers had heard gunfire on the street and were running to an upstairs closet for safety. Whoever fired the shot hasn’t been caught.

A person that is still at large.  A person that was already breaking the law and most likely involved in gang violence that just so happened to incorporate a gun.

But does he opine about gang violence?  Of course not.  Mr. Fisher would rather blame an inanimate object.

Rather than push for a crack down on the gangs; he pushes for ridiculous restrictions on bullets and ammunition manufacturers.

I suppose if it was a bullet that killed Terrell Mayes, then it follows that bullets feed the homeless too.

Arguments like these do nothing to solve the very real problem of violence.  Don’t light a candle. Fight back.


9 thoughts on “Exploiting Tragedy, Yet Again”

  1. Jen, please stop wasting time on trying to educate the people of Minneapolis.

    I lived there for a quarter century, and I assure you that it can make Berkeley look sane. Must be something in the snow. 😕

  2. Some people would rather focus on the symptoms, and not the problem. Arterial bleeding? Here’s a band-aid. Oh, and its a HelloKitty band-aid, so that makes everything better! Some people just can’t look past the minor details to see the major underlying issues, and no amount of logic, facts, intelligence, or wisdom will ever pull their heads out of the sand (or worse…places where the sun never should shine). There’s no cure for stupid, unfortunately.

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