Buzz And Bullets

Looks like everyone is talking about Starbuck’s Appreciation Day in answer to some anti’s boycott.

I heard it first over at PAGunblog.

And got an email from a Luchador.

Honestly, I don’t like their coffee.  I think it’s over-roasted and over-priced.  But I do like the fact that they don’t bend over for the whiny anti’s. And the idea of inflating their profits on the day of the whiny class boycott makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Wouldn’t it be great if they made record sales on Valentine’s Day?

So yeah, I can probably find something there.  The tears of fools are sure to make my coffee sweet.

UPDATE: There’s a Facebook Event and you’re invited.

We get caffeine and pastries, they get to wallow in their irrelevancy.

10 thoughts on “Buzz And Bullets”

  1. I actually set foot in a Starbucks store for the first time in my life yesterday. I’ve had and disliked their normal coffee for years. I was surprised that the cappuccino I had wasn’t all that bad.

    I will attend.

  2. I haven’t done the coffee-scene since college and pack my own quart (or mug) of java these days – but I do like their espresso if I’m far from my home machine. The “food” at Starbucks is what’s really wretched.

  3. Not a big coffee fan myself (seriously…if I have a cup o java at work, its gotta be so slammed full of creamer, sugar, and hot chocolate (for color) that it no longer resembles anything approaching coffee. Except for the caffeine. That’s gotta stay. But I will admit to enjoying their frappachinos (or however you spell the darn things…its like a slushy). The double-chocolate-chip one is good, and the strawberries-n-cream one is too. With no coffee aftertaste. So. Valentine’s Day, huh? May have to make a trip to one.

  4. As a number of your readers as well as yourself have noted, Been there and done that! Don’t care for their coffee. But I will make the effort to visit a Starbucks and make a purchase in support of their stance.

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