We Must Ban Sewing Machines!

Just look at what they have done.

I think it's a super-villain disguise. Or he has a mustache of daggers.
I don't think you get to count it as design when you just wrap a brightly colored towel around a hot guy wearing make-up.
Um. Yeah, I got nothing.
Oh look! It's the Soldier of Fabulous!
What do you wear with your long underwear, anyway? I know! There's this Victorian inspired coat left over from some vampire movie. Just throw that on and look like you wish you were the guy in the onesie.

Why do I have the strong suspicion these designers graduated from the University of Minnesota?

7 thoughts on “We Must Ban Sewing Machines!”

  1. Notice how all the guys have the exact same expression?

    I don’t get ‘Dada fashion’. I’d blame Lady Gaga but that shit has been around well before she first smeared herself in pigeon poop and cigarette butts and called it an outfit.

  2. Somtimes when the wife wants to sleep in I get dressed in the dark too.

    Guy’s here’s a tip, don’t buy any clothes that clash with any of your other clothes, and that will keep this to a minimum!

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