Uniformed Monster

When I was kid, I was taught to always trust the police officers. I was taught that uniform meant they were there to help. That these people would keep me safe. Most of us probably grew up this way.

I imagine she (warning:story is disturbing) did too. (via SayUncle)

There’s a hot place in hell for men like former officer Cates. He was supposed to help her.  I’m sure the sight of him put her frazzled nerves at ease. He took advantage of his position.  He took advantage of her trust.

He’s a monster. And not the kind your parents can scare out of your closet.  He’s worse than the monster lurking in the alley waiting for their next victim.  He’s worse because he hid behind a badge while committing evil. Not only did he violate that girl, but he made the day to day lives of good officers harder.

I’m sure prison will be an interesting place for him.




12 thoughts on “Uniformed Monster”

  1. And what about the bastards that let this piece of shit stay in law enforcement when they either KNEW or should have had serious doubts about his fitness for the job.

    They were more concerned with CYA than doing their damn jobs. I hope they all get to serve a long time in jail and then in hell.

  2. Put him in General Population. His stay will be short, violent, and a good taste of the hell he put her through. I’ve heard there’s honor amongst thieves, and that child molesters are about three steps below roaches on their list of things they like. Add to that the fact that he was a cop…I wouldn’t give him 6 months in general. But he’ll probably get either solitary, or some special facility so that his “sickness” can be “studied and cured”.

    Shiv the bass-turd.

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