I See Your Big Tiger Kitty

Tam and Roberta live with Huck.  A large orange tabby.

I live with a weirdness.

Don’t let those pretty blue eyes fool you.  That’s 18lbs of unadulterated weird right there.  He chirps at birds. This is Ferrule. He was tiny when I rescued him as a flea ridden feral (same pronunciation as the name, which he says).

I left work early today due to my digestive system having…issues.  Kitties decided it was the perfect opportunity to make sure mama napped.

But you see, Ferrule isn’t the only giant kitty in the house.  We also have the Godfather.

Also known as Chancellor Edward Pantsington III Esquire. Chance for short.  18lbs at last weigh in, but I think he may have gained some.  I don’t know how. The 3 felines share 2.5 cups of food daily.  The little cat, Emerson at 15lbs, is the alpha male and always gets his share of the food first.  He’d never survive in the wild.  Even if he killed something, he’d never figure out how to get the tiny x’s out.

So they napped me.  I  woke up to this.

That’s my butt that the giant white kitty is using as a pillow there.  What you can’t see, is Emerson snuggled in between the fat rolls of these two. He’s the dark spot there in the middle.  You know, it’s hard to get up to go to the bathroom when you are covered in 51lbs of kitty.

9 thoughts on “I See Your Big Tiger Kitty”

  1. I’ll concede you have us outweighed — Huck and Rannie Wu together might add up to 25.5 lbs. — but for sheer weird, Rannie is impossible to beat. She spent some happy time tonight hiding in a box and bitterly cursing the feet and ankles of anyone who walked by and that was pretty reasonable behavior for her.

  2. Oh, but what a wonderful way to nap! My three cats don’t weigh but maybe 27 lbs. combined. But when we add a 45-lb. doggie… We loves us our naptimes, for sure!

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