12 thoughts on “Happy Starbucks Day”

  1. I have to work tonight so I really should be sleeping right now. I really need to sleep today so I can be awake all night tonight.
    maybe I should have gotten the decaf…

    Happy Starbucks Day!

  2. Had minor surgery today so I couldn’t carry but we stopped by afterward and had breakfast. Paid with 2 dollar bills and mentioned the buycott. Girl said main office had sent out a memo. Wife also used 2 dollar bills at a Walmart and to pay for a cashier’s check at the credit union. Seems both have been swamped with 2 dollar bills the last few days. I think this went bigger than we could have hoped for.

  3. Our trips are usually on the weekends, and the nearest $tarbucks is in the local Target (other two nearby closed and were demolished due to highway construction). We do our Target runs on the weekend, and will usually grab something on the way out.

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