What If?

Yeah, I really am very seriously considering voting Ron Paul. Not that it’ll make a difference what I do here in flyover country.

I’ve been libertarian leaning for a while.  Not the lesbian-hugging pot-smoking kind, more of a get off my lawn kind. Well okay, I hug lesbians too. I’m a hugger. I’m also fond of my brain.  It’s a fun place where everyone knows me. You want to fry yours with the substance du jour? Knock yourself out.

Bluesun’s graphic nails it.

Yep, that’s how I’m feeling about the current election cycle.  I’m going to need more concealer to fill in the palm shaped indentation on my face.

9 thoughts on “What If?”

  1. Heh. Every election cycle, I find myself seriously considering doing a write-in vote, and seeing how many people I can get to nominate Kaiser Soze. Self-made business-man, not afraid of anyone, a guy who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty to complete a project….what’s not to love? Oh, and he’s pro-gun, too.

  2. I’m definitely a Libertarian, although Oklahoma does not recognize that party. Ron Paul has some good ideas but actually he is a bit nuts. He is also way too old. In Oklahoma it does not matter much who we vote for in the Republican primary since we only have a handful of delegates. Come November I’ll vote for whoever is running against Obama.

  3. Yep. The pickin’s are so slim in the “main stream” candidates that I’m gonna try for the game changer. Gettin my Wookie suit all aired out for Super Tuesday so count up 1 more “PaulBot”. Course I’ll have to suck it up come Nov and vote for the ABO candidate. Here’s hoping that somehow, someway we wind up with the 1 guy that may actually shrink our .gov.

    Cheers! Rrraaarrrggghhh!

  4. The Unnamed Trucker tweeted the other day that Libertarians are Republicans who’ve been audited by the IRS.

    I guess that’s me.

    I don’t know who I will vote for here in GA on Super Tuesday, but I know I won’t vote for Obama in November, and I will support whoever seems to have the best chance of unseating him. I think we can work with just about anybody else.

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