Check it out!  I won Tannerite! Courtesy of GunsForEveryone.com

Hmm.  What to make go splodey?

I have an extra kitchen sink. And the hood of an old Z. I’m sure I could some up with something fun. Suggestions?

I’m getting explosives!

ETA: Wonder if they’d be willing to part with this guy?

16 thoughts on “Splodey!”

  1. *cracks fingers* We’ll come up with some cool stuff to blow up. There’s got to be SOMETHING around here that we’ve been cursing at lately… I wonder what a sealed container of tannerite would do in the bottom of a full aquarium…

  2. Oh, that’s fun! Word of warning, don’t get too crazy and put it inside something where you don’t have a clear view of the canister. If you don’t get a definitive hit, you pretty much waste one. Enjoy!

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